Manufacturing of bungs and neck rings for cylinders Selenia Metalli Finished part/ Forged part
Hot forged and machined bung for gas cylinder Selenia Metalli

Selenia Metalli

Our company has worked in the energetic field since 1978 and we propose more than 500 models of steel and aluminium bungs and neck rings. During years we've created a production system that would allow us to manage internally the total cycle, starting from raw material (steel or aluminium) to final product. The main activity of our company is the hot forging (done by our sister company) and the subsequent finishing of different type of items in steel and aluminium used in different fields. Nowadays Selenia Metalli cooperates with the main manufactures of each type of lpg and gas container on global scale, realizing high quality products to grant high security standards.

Steel and aluminium hot forging
Steel and aluminium hot forging

Raw material

Stock of bungs, neck rings and nuts for lpg


Finishing of steel and aluminium hot forged pieces

Finishing dept.

Hot forging on horizontal press

Hot forging

Bungs and flanges in steel and aluminium

Bungs and flanges production

Machining of bungs, neck rings and nuts for lpg